A glimpse into the past: unveiling the rich layers of 1700s living

Introduction to 18th century

1700s also known as The Age of Enlightenment. This era saw the rise in science, Industries, politics, human rights, art and literature. Many global events like American and French Revolution, Reshaped political landscape happened in this century. Life was different people was simple and hardworking they mostly work in Industries, Farm and agriculture field. There were no cars, mobiles; at that time they totally rely on physical activities to perform their tasks. They do activities like hunting, fishing, archery, wrestling, backgammon, music and dance to enjoy their free time. People eat seasonal and organic food there were various culture, traditions and festivals at that time.

Industrial revolution

18th century was the beginning of Industrial revolution it began firstly in Britain invention of electricity and machines changed it entirely. Many Inventions were made like steam boat in 1786, steam engine in 1712. These inventions helped in powering the machines and improved a lot in it. Textile industry grows rapidly by using spinning Jenny and power loam. Factory system was changed division of labor was introduced. Construction of railroad started growth in transportation field. Mostly people worked in agriculture field which increased the production and help Food Industry to grow. These inventions and system continue to improve with passage of time and now we have the advance technologies in various Industries.

Everyday life

In 18thcentury role of men and women were different men were the breadwinner providing income for their family and women were incharge of the household. They both play their role accordingly. Men go to their work places like farm, industry and women take care of house and children. Children also take part in farm work and other activities rather than study. They play games like blind man, hide and seek, running games. When men came from long hours shift they used to enjoyed their time by playing chess, hunting, horse racing and fishing.

Fashion and style

Likewise innovation in several fields 18th century also introduces new trends in fashion which not only impress royalty but also middle class. The clothes was airy and asymmetrical design.Women likes to wear dresses with open robe and petticoat. It was the famous dress for women in this era and men dresses consisted of a breeches, vest and  jackets which varied with the social status of it’s owner.  These jackets also known as “justeaucorps” . These jackets were collar less and cling down to the waist. Wigs were essential for the men and women of value and its white colored natural hairs were powdered to attain fashionable look that’s why we saw mostly pictures of 18th century people in wigs.

Food and diet

In 18th century food and dishes totally depends on the factors like geographical location, social class and cultural influence. People mostly eat meat of lamb and beef. Roasting, boiling and baking method was popular. Spices was used to flavor food accordingly. Farming and agriculture was main fields at that time people eat farm grow  vegetables like potatoes, peas , carrot and grains like wheat , oats, barley fruits were enjoyed in common in seasons. Sea food was consider as food for valuable people. Food was also simple like the life in this era these people enjoyed the true nature and purity in food as there were no green house , genetically modification at that time.

This century secure its importance in history with its revolution in Industries, art, science, politics and literature. Many important theories were introduced at that time which incredible results change many things. This era ends with a start of new world.

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